Local Commitment

We want to contribute to social development in areas where Saab is active. Education is an important part of Saab's contribution to society, as is fostering a curiosity for technology in children and youths.

Involvement in local communities increases the populace's knowledge, generates confidence in Saab's business, and constitutes an important aspect of our values. It also leads to valuable experiences and networking for the employees involved. The focus is on creating additional opportunities for employee involvement in order to promote an interest in technology amongst children and youths. The aim is to contribute to knowledge development, which benefits society in general and therefore Saab as well. 

An example of such an initiative is the Likii Special Unit boarding school in the community of Nanyuki in central Kenya. Due to Saab being an important employer in the town, the company also supports the local community by assisting children and youths in education and development. Likii Special Unit is an institution that cares for around 120 orphaned children and children with disabilities that have been abandoned by their biological parents. 

"We educate youngsters by accommodating their physical and emotional needs. And, by lending our support, we convey a positive image of Saab as a company at the same time. We always wear our uniforms and explain what it is that Saab does, not only in Kenya but in the whole world," says Brian Drummond, Support Manager for Saab in Kenya. Through the Likii Special Unit and several other ongoing projects in the area, the local populace in Nanyuki has been granted a positive image of Saab, and associates the company with professionalism and solicitude.

"Saab contributes things such as teaching materials and, owing to the fantastic efforts of our on-site staff, provisions are created for children and youths, who otherwise would never have had any possibility for development," says Marie Trogstam, CR Manager at Saab.