GF Demo: Demonstration day for advanced drilling & Non Destructive Inspection technologies

On the 2nd September 2015 the research project, called GF Demo lead by Saab and partly financed by VINNOVA,  hosted a demonstration day at ÅF Industries in Laxå gathering  60 people from Swedish industry.

Saab, ÅF, CREO Dynamics, Novator, Exova, X-Lasersystems and Linköping University all contributed to four demonstrations with the objective of highlighting some of the research and technical progress made within the GF Demo program.

Maria Weiland, project sponsor within Saab, introducing the research project GF Demo, "Next generation composite structures for civil aircraft".

In total there were four demonstrations in Laxå.

The first demo was a collaboration between Saab, ÅF, LIU and X-Lasersystems. Together they have developed a cost effective solution for robotic drilling, this utilises advances in force feedback technology, laser measurement and vibrational drilling.

Novator presented the results of their research into orbital drilling in aluminium. This was accompanied by their commercial system which is today being used worldwide within the aircraft industry.

CREO Dynamics demonstrated their innovative Acousto Ultrasonic technology which is proposed as an alternative method for NDI/NDT of complex composite structures.

Finally Exova displayed the equipment which they have developed in the field of NDI/NDT. New ultrasonic methods and equipment that can be used to inspect complex composite geometries at lower cost was presented.

"A very interesting demonstration that showed the progress which has been made in the GF Demo project" says Anders Hägg Chief Engineer at Saab Aerostructures and project leader during the start-up of GF Demo "I am looking forward to the final demonstration in March 2016".

More information regarding GF Demo can be accessed via the homepage: Alternatively contact Maria Weiland (project owner)

The GF Demo project will conclude with a demonstration of the next generation of light weight composite Cargo Door developed during the last 3,5 years. The demonstration will be in spring 2016 and will take place at Compraser labs in Linköping. 

Magnus Engström demonstrating robotic drilling. "The technologies we are demonstrating here will simplify the applications for automated drilling and therefore enhance the use of automation in our business.

"From ÅFs perspective the demonstration day was extremely rewarding. One important aspect was that the participants were  the perfect target group for us. ÅF's involvement in the project has provided us with increased knowledge around the robotized drilling processes which we know will be at the forefront of future production" said Nenno Vale, Site Manager, ÅF Industry AB

Christophe Mattei demonstrating Acousto-Ultrasonic technology.

"A very succesfull day where we received valuable feedback from experts working closely with production regarding the relevance of our newly developed NDI/NDT technology" said Christophe Mattei,  CREO Dynamics.

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