Insights to successful CBRN training

CBRN threats can no longer be seen as the new unexpected player on the battlefield. We know it can be out there and as soldiers getting ready for combat they need to be CBRN prepared. Today thorough CBRN training is a must for any successful mission.

Training challenges

When performing CBRN training there are some challenges your training system has to be able to meet to make the simulated conditions as real as possible.

For example, using conventional spray and powder to simulate a contaminated area is not always straight forward, saturated training grounds are common problems during training. Weather also changes and the system has to be able to update the fields according to the wind speed and direction. Pollution from training sprays /powder and from decontamination liquids also needs to be considered.

Advanced training

A good CBRN training system should, besides not creating any environmental impact at all, be able to monitor the players and enable total command and control over the exercise.Hans Lindgren, Marketing Director, gives some insights to the Saab’s CBRN training system:

“In this system the location and status of the players can be monitored and it can simulate a spread of biological and radiological substances around a player. It also provides near real-time monitoring of the player’s CBRN Status such as use of protective mask and clothing, health status, medical actions and contamination levels.”

When a player enters a simulated CBRN field, he or she will react to the range of substances in accordance with a pre-assigned vulnerability list. The correct use of protective equipment will be monitored and if the player fails to use his protective mask this will result in injury or death depending on the simulated toxic substance present.

“Our CBRN training system also allows repeatable training at the same training area without risk of false readings due to remaining fluids from previous exercises. Training scenarios can be run regardless of real weather conditions as well as concurrent training with several threats”, says Hans Lindgren, Saab Training & Simulation.

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