Saab one of Sweden's most attractive place to work

Saab swept the board at the Universum Awards 2015. The company came eighth among MSc students when asked to rank their dream employers. In addition to this top ranking, Saab also claimed CEO of the year within Employer Branding and Employer Branding Manager of the year.

Every year, students at Swedish universities and colleges vote for their dream employer in the country's biggest survey FöretagsBarometern (the Swedish Student Survey). The research is carried out by the company Universum, who this year conducted FöretagsBarometern for the 27th time. The results were revealed late Wednesday evening with Saab happily retaining its eighth position from last year.


Saab is undertaking a focused effort regarding Employer Branding. One key aspect of this is about positioning Saab towards future talent. In order to remain at the forefront, the company needs to be an attractive employer in the battle for engineers.  Lena Eliasson holds the position of Senior Vice President and Head of Group Human Resources at Saab AB, which employs close to 15,000 people worldwide. Regardless of talent, experienced or entry level, Lena believes that Saab has a great deal to offer as a company:


"What makes me happy is that Saab has it all: cutting-edge technology; we're international with plans to expand - we have these advantages - and we are a strong company with a long history of delivering results. There are plenty of opportunities at the moment within the company to grow in your position as the company develops and advances into new areas. This is giving people the chance to explore new areas and to develop."


Mia Nilsson is responsible for efforts to position Saab as an attractive employer. Her work has paid dividends in the form of the company's top ranking in FöretagsBarometern and the fact that Mia has been named this year's Employer Branding Manager by Universum.


"We have been focusing on Employer Branding for a number of years and early on we recognised the value of creating the right conditions internally in order to be an attractive employer. We have systematically and continuously created forums and the opportunity to meet future employees. I see the ranking as evidence that Saab is seen as a company that many students would like to work for in future, as well as proof that we are doing the right things. It makes me proud and I want to say a big thank you to all of my colleagues at Saab who are actually our main ambassadors and who have helped to achieve this fantastic result.


As if that was not enough, Saab's CEO Håkan Buskhe also collected the award for CEO of the year within Employer Branding during the evening ceremony. The award is thanks largely to Håkan's focus on leadership, equality and development, all of which have helped to put Saab on the map as one of Sweden's most attractive places to work.


" For a CEO today, it is crucial to nurture and develop talent. It is the foundation of a leader's task and if it is not taken seriously, it is difficult to develop a modern company", says CEO Buskhe.




Håkan Buskhe

For this CEO, attracting talent is critical to the company's success, and his interest and commitment has ensured that this issue has become firmly established throughout the organisation. By making employees' knowledge and commitment a top priority, this ensures that the organisation remains strong in the increasingly intense global competition. With a clear focus on leadership, equality and development, this CEO has decisively helped to put the company on the map as one of Sweden's most attractive employers.


The prize is awarded to a CEO who fully comprehends the importance of working actively to engage talent. This understanding manifests itself through a strong commitment to the issues and by providing active support to those responsible for the organisation's efforts to recruit talent.


Mia Nilsson

This person has been one of the key people behind the company's efforts to build a strong employer brand. Her focus on showcasing the company's various opportunities and career paths has led to it becoming one of Sweden's most attractive employers. She has also been a driving force behind the company's efforts to increase the proportion of women in senior positions, which is essential for future success.


The Employer Branding Manager of the year prize is awarded to an Employer Branding Manager whose work puts additional emphasis on attracting and recruiting talent in an efficient and innovative way.



Each year, Swedish students rank who they believe to be the country's most attractive employers in the FöretagsBarometern student career survey. FöretagsBarometern is a comprehensive student survey focusing on careers, working life and the future. This year, 23,297 students from the country's universities and colleges took part in the survey to vote for Sweden's 100 most attractive employers.