And the winner of the Gripen photo competition is …

The 2015 Gripen photo competition has come to a close and we are proud to present the winner. Just like last time it resulted in the submission of high quality images of Gripen from many different angles. This time we received close to 800 entries from photographers around the world. Among many great photos, there was one that stood out. This was Tom Gagner’s entry and his photo will now feature in the 2016 Gripen Calendar.

Congratulations Tom, what was your reaction when you got the message that you had won the Gripen photo competition?
I was very happy of course and delighted that my photo was chosen.

What were your expectations when you sent the photo, had you seen some of the others entries on Instagram?
Yes, I had looked at the entries on Instagram and thought that this could be a fun challenge.

Where did you shoot your winning photo?
I shot the photo at Flygdagen 2015 (Air Force Day 2015) in Sweden. I waited some time to get the perfect angel that shows Gripen making a sharp turn. 

What was your impression of the Airshow?
I liked it a lot. I usually go to Airshows that are not too far from home. I prefer jets and Draken and Gripen are the ones I really want to see.

Did you have a hard time choosing which photo to send in to the competition?
I had a few other photos but this one was my favourite and it also shows the turning ability of Gripen that fascinates me. I also liked the way the clouds came out in the picture.

How did you learn about the competition?
It was at Flygdagen 2015. I got a flyer from a guy at the Gripen full scale replica.

Have long have you been interested in photographing and airplanes?
I have been interested since I was a child. I was born in Ronneby, Sweden close to the F 17 air wing and many of the pilots lived on the same street as I did. I saw fighters in the sky every day and when I grew older I took my push bike to the air base to watch the fighters start and land.

Have you planned which next Airshow you will visit?
Yes, I will visit Flygvapnet 90 år (Air Force 90 years) which will take place in Malmen air wing, close to Linköping in August.

Thanks for a stunning photo and for speaking with you. We wish you good luck with your future photography.
Thanks a lot.

Download the winning image here:

Tom Gagner:

Home town: Kalmar, Sweden

Hobbies: Photography and trains

Favourite air plane: Saab Draken and F-14 Tomcat

Best photo moment so far: I don’t have any particular moment that really stands out, so I have to say, I’m still waiting for it.