Great performance is key to success

”The employees in my organisation meet customers every day. So it’s important that they get satisfaction from always keeping the customer happy. As a leader I have learned that great performances are achieved by showing people a great deal of trust and allowing them to influence their own development”.
These are the words of Anna Fröjd, Head of market area Nordic and Baltic. Anna manages around 35 people who work with the sole assignment to win business.

As a defence and security company, Saab competes in an international market. A market where the only certainty is that nothing stays the same and that survival is based on staying one step ahead, at the forefront of technological developments. Anna has been a leader at Saab for 18 years and she knows how important it is always to perform at the maximum in order to succeed.

“In a performance-driven culture you have to support and inspire the employee by making a personal commitment. This requires clear and distinct leadership,” Anna says.

Anna Fröjd

A performance-driven culture requires clear goals

Saab has well-developed methods for determining, measuring and evaluating performance. The process is intended to give everyone an opportunity to contribute to the company’s business goals with the help of regular discussions on goal formulation, follow-up and feedback.

“It is important that we are familiar with our goals and how we can achieve them. Each of us must be aware of and strive to achieve both our short- and long-term goals,” Anna says.

Anna believes that discussing operations, challenges and targets together creates engagement and enables the employee to take ownership of the task at hand.

“Deciding on goals through discussion means that each employee becomes more involved and, as a consequence, also influences their own development,” she continues.

Anna Fröjd focuses on the market area’s performance every day.

“My everyday duties call for prioritisation so that we actually work to accomplish the goals we set. In this way I can also influence my team so that together we can keep our commitments.”

Major and minor performances are appraised and become a source of knowledge for future work.

“You should be satisfied when you succeed,” says Anna. “And in cases where you don’t succeed, you have to reflect on the reason why and see what can be improved. It’s also important to accentuate the positive in having gained experience and then move on.”

Anna aims high

Saab has five market areas and Anna is motivated by the challenge of making her market area the best at Saab.

“We have a shared goal of being the best market area at Saab. We aim to win business, have the best personnel and be pioneers,” she says.

Anna underlines that as a leader it is important to be a pioneer and lead the way forward, having faith in employees that they do the best they can. It is also important to have the courage to make difficult decisions and handle conflicts.

“If I can perform exceptionally in these respects, I’m a good role model for my team and then we will contribute to the overall Saab business objective to secure business, turn a profit and be a well-established defence and security company on the market,” she ends.


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