Diversity for profitable business

Diversity at a company is entirely decisive for its success both in the short and long term. Uniformity is rarely the path to success. Management staff just talking about equality and diversity does not produce a long-term change. This is why Saab is now taking the next step and working even harder. We are setting new goals for

female managers and female employees, and we are also setting goals for the portion of women employed worldwide.


Saab has worked actively with the diversity question for many years and we were one of the pioneers in the 30/70 initiative. We work a lot with continuous development – in our recruiting process, advertising, gender distribution in management development programmes, etc., all to ensure that we will have the leadership we need to make Saab a more attractive and profitable company.

As a decisive success factor for increased profitability, the goal is to have more female managers in the group. The goal is set on the global level at 30% female managers by 2025, but in Sweden the goal is set somewhat higher at 35%.

Why is a workplace characterised by diversity better?

Saab is a company that is in constant need of new, talented employees – especially engineers. In a few years, there will be a shortage of engineers in Sweden. This is why it is important that Saab is an attractive employer for all – men and women alike.

Diversity increases our capabilities for innovation, and with different perspectives we get better solutions,” says Lennart Sindahl, deputy CEO.

“We’re convinced that a mixed group will come up with better and more innovative solutions because everyone is contributing based on their personal background and experiences. In other words, equality and diversity increase the potential for innovation, and innovation is what Saab is built on. Moreover, a mixed workplace is more fun to work at.”

Active programmes

One of the initiatives for attracting talented women is called the Talent Management Process. It is important to encourage women to take the step upwards, and through active work with female talent in such a process, we can gain many skilled leaders.

“We have been successful on the manager side and we will continue our work, but to be able to grow the number of female employees and managers we now need to focus more on the base of female employees globally. We are increasing our targets in all these areas,” says Lennart Sindahl.

Saab is now also increasing the pace when it comes to diversity and internationalisation. To be able to continue supplying each unique customer with world-leading products, and to stay a step ahead, we must create a more dynamic and innovative company with a mixture of experiences, cultures and ideas.

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