Sea Control – territorial integrity and situational awareness with Giraffe 1X


Navies and coast guards are facing new challenges and emphasis is shifting towards littoral operations and self defence capabilities. In areas with intense maritime traffic, coast guards need to be prepared for threats such as missiles, helicopters and unmanned aircraft systems that are not only becoming faster but also smaller.

There is also the challenge of dealing with asymmetric threats from pirates and terrorists.

At the same time, navies and coast guards are facing budget restraints. In this new world, many navies and coast guards rely on using offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) as an important tool to keep coastal areas safe from threats on the surface as well as in the air. OPVs require suitable light, flexible and cost effective equipment and this is where Saab's naval radar Sea Giraffe 1X can make a difference.

Sea Giraffe 1X offers simultaneous surface and air surveillance capabilities, enhancing situational awareness for maritime patrol, surface combat and counter-UAV operations. It is also small and lightweight, which makes it ideal for use on smaller ships, and with its minimal number of line replaceable units the upkeep can be performed by engineers with lower level training. This also means that fewer human resources are required to operate the system.

- Smaller patrol ships have traditionally been using surface surveillance radar, says Pontus Djerf, Saab's business unit Surface Radar Solutions. Saab. However, UAVs are becoming more common which means that in order to keep people and societies safe, these patrol ships will also need to add air surveillance capabilities. Sea Giraffe 1X offers a unique range of capabilities in one small, lightweight package.

Sea Giraffe 1X is a 3D, active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar. The entire system weighs less than 150kg