More hobbies means more balance

There´s more to Markéta Šindlerová than being a marketing project manager for Saab. Šindlerová explains that she wouldn´t work for a company that did not allow her to realise her ambitious work-life balance.

A healthy work-life balance is important to Markéta Šindlerová. The 27-year-old from Prague balances her job as a marketing project manager at Saab with a long list of hobbies and interests which she manages to squeeze into to every available bit of free time.

“I love my life and I have a lot of outside interests, including graphic design, photography, and volunteer activities,” she says. “I think, like most people, that life shouldn’t just be about work.”

During work hours, Šindlerová’s job involves organising Saab’s stalls at various trade fairs across Europe. “I’m involved in deciding on the look and design of the stands, and I also take care of things like booking hotels, logistics, and brochures,” she says. “We do lots of exhibitions during the year, so it’s very busy. But I like it.”

Non-profit engagements

One of Šindlerová’s passions is volunteering and in her teenage years when she began working for various non-profit organisations. While at university, she stepped up her involvement by teaching English in Sri Lanka though the international leadership organisation AISEC. “I lived with a local family and taught English to children aged seven to 17 or 18,” she says. “I stayed for three months and made a lot of friends.”

Šindlerová, who has a humanities degree majoring in marketing, has continued her volunteer work since joining Saab in 2014. She volunteers at a local animal shelter and also helps organize free lectures in the international project Creative Mornings.

Šindlerová explains that by helping others, she’s also helping herself. “I think, in general, people who focus on others rather than only themselves have happier lives,” she says. “I’m happy if I can help others.”

A passion for photography

Another of Šindlerová´s hobbies is photography. “I downloaded the Instagram app a little over three years ago and it quickly became a passion,” she says. “I now have about 25,000 followers and I mostly post images of my travels, like when I was in Peru two or three months ago. I have been a ‘suggested user’ on Instagram twice which was great because for a while I was getting two new followers every minute.”

Merging leisure with work

Finally, Šindlerová dabbles with graphic design in her spare time. She supply’s graphics, video, and stop motion animation to friends and others.

She says she now hopes to merge her leisure activities with her job by shooting videos of Saab’s stalls at various exhibitions.

“I feel that Saab is open to people having a good work-life balance,” Šindlerová says. “I wouldn’t work for a company that didn’t have a good attitude or respect the fact that people do activities outside of their work.”