Madeleine Kempe wins Engineer of the Year in Västra Mälardalen

Two of the three nominees in the category Engineer of the Year in Västra Mälardalen 2016 work at Saab in Arboga. Congratulations Madeleine!

The nomination reads:

Madeleine has distinguished herself as a good leader and manager. With her commitment and new approaches, she has established solid trust among both personnel and customers, which has generated significant added sales.

During the past year, Madeleine has been responsible for a project that involves replacing all Swedish weather radar systems, a project valued at SEK 100 million. Through her commitment and business acumen, she has shown that nothing is impossible, that it's just a matter of “rolling up your sleeves.”

What are your thoughts and feelings regarding this prestigious award?

- I feel very proud and happy. But I can’t take all the credit myself. Together with my fantastic colleagues at Saab, we’ve succeeded in producing results. So I’m sharing this prize with all involved in SWERAD, both now and in the past. And my former colleagues at Support and Services, especially Stefan Storm.

And your nomination?

- Well, I got a bit of a laugh out of that part about “rolling up your sleeves” and getting it done. That’s me, I guess! I have a hard time accepting anything as unsolvable. The solution is that you just have to work a little harder or find new approaches.

That nothing is impossible is a good attitude. How do you manage to inspire your colleagues to think and act in this way?

- Whatever I get involved in, I always give it my all. I want to understand, learn from others and I want to share what I can. From my colleagues and customers, I gain both knowledge and energy. Asking a lot of questions; I want to hear others’ opinions. That creates commitment. I like to see people grow, feel like they’re participating. And it’s probably there in the dialogue that together with my colleagues, the can-do feeling is created. We never give up! There’s always a solution. And amid all the focus and drive, we naturally need to be having fun.

Behind the idea for the awards are Industriföreningen (an association for industrial companies) and the municipalities of Arboga, Köping and Kungörs, which annually arrange and send out invitations to the Västra Mälardalfesten (VM-festen) event for business and municipalities. Industriföreningen has 17 member companies, of which Saab is one, and they employ approximately 4,500 persons in the region. At the VM-festen event, people and companies are honoured that in various ways, have achieved significant success and taken extraordinary initiatives that benefit trade and industry in the region. Prizes are awarded in eight categories, of which one is Engineer of the Year. The event and awards ceremony was held in Kungsörstorp, 20 October.