RBS15 Land-Based Coastal Defence System back in Sweden


The Swedish Armed Forces have not operated the anti-ship missile RBS15 in a coastal battery configuration since 2000 when it was disbanded due to budget cuts. But time changes.

Saab has supported the armed forces in the effort to put together former launcher vehicles, missiles and components from decommissioned corvettes and missile boats within the Swedish Royal Navy. The goal was to reconstitute the RBS15 land-based coastal defence system. That goal has now been reached.

 “This is a great milestone for Sweden and for our RBS15 system. With these systems the Swedish Armed Forces will have a significantly improved defence capability and we are proud to be part of that. Together with the customer we have managed to make the system operational in a very short time. This is a strong proof of the customer’s trust in what we can accomplish here at Saab”, says Stefan Öberg, head of business unit Missile Systems within Saab’s business area Dynamics.

After an intense evaluation and production phase a successful test-firing was conducted, and the system is set to be deployed by the Swedish Royal Navy. The system was used in the Swedish Armed Forces’ exercise Swenex 16.

"The system has been tested in full-scale trials, where the RBS15 has been fired with good results and a coastal missile unit took part in the Navy's exercise Swenex 16, conducted in the waters between Södertörn and Västervik and around Gotland. This has been in good cooperation with FMV and Saab”, said Defense Logistics Manager Thomas Engevall in an article on the Swedish Armed Forces website.

The RBS15 missile system family is one of the market’s most flexible and effective armaments. For almost 30 years, the RBS15 missile family has provided fleets, coastal batteries and air forces with advanced anti-ship capabilities.