New Board Member Wants to Maintain a Safe Society


Robot scientist and Professor Danica Kragić Jensfelt is new board member at Saab - a mission where she hopes to contribute with her knowledge and research on sensors and artificial intelligence.

Saab is a global defence- and security-company that develops, manufactures, and sells some of the world's most advanced military and civil solutions. Part of the business concept is to constantly develop, adapt and improve new techniques and technologies to meet changing customer needs. Danica Kragić Jensfelt is professor and vice dean of the School of Computer Science and Communication at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and leads several research projects in computer vision and robotics.

“Saab works with systems equipped with sensors that detect and make advanced decision making which is part of my research on Artificial Intelligence (AI), so there is a natural connection”, says Danica Kragić Jensfelt.

Besides contributing with her expertise, she sees the assignment as an opportunity to gain knowledge about what education that will be needed for engineers to manage the security risks that emerge through increasing digitization.

“It is a question of bringing in knowledge for the future. What kind of a future society will we have? Which are the issues that we have to consider to create systems for a safer society? Hence, it is not only about what I can contribute. It is also about me understanding what education our engineers at KTH need to build these systems, says Danica Kragić Jensfelt.

In an increasingly connected world the threats against our society are changing, she continues. What will pose the biggest future threat, will it be advanced algorithms only and no physical systems? Most important, regardless of the answer, is to think ahead and consider how the products manufactured will carry us into the future.

“How do we maintain a safe society? We will most certainly use more and more autonomous systems equipped with sensors. These will be integrated with AI for them to learn from past experience, make better decisions and provide increased security. The question is how to best build these future systems”, she says.

The nomination committee writes in its motivation that Danica Kragić Jensfelts’ expertise in future engineering and technology in combination with her research and development makes her a valuable link in the board composition to meet Saab's future challenges and needs.