Really advanced dinner logistics

More than ninety per cent of the goods transports in the world are shipped. That means that many of the things on our dinner tables, in our homes and in our workplaces arrived by boat. And perhaps these were offloaded in a port near you.

Tanjung Priok is Indonesia’s largest and most advanced port, handling more than half of the country’s shipping traffic. Being a large hub means that the demands on traffic management and security are huge. That’s where Saab comes in.

For a number of years, Saab has developed different systems for making sea transports and harbour operations more secure and effective. One of them is the Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) solution that is in use at Tanjung Priok. Managing ports means managing a complex logistical chain of processes such as ship movements, cargo handling and land and water infrastructure operation. Running the port successfully requires reliable, safe and efficient traffic management in the port and in its approach areas.

By constantly working towards new solutions and trying out new ground Saab helps to make the flow of people and goods transports across the world safer and more effective.


Did you know this about Saab’s Vessel Traffic Service solution V3000?

  • it supports 5 of the top 11 highest volume container ports in the world
  • over 70 traffic centres are in operation
  • the combined installations around the world keep track of over 50 000 vessels at any given moment, a quarter of the world's shipping

It is in use in large ports including Hong Kong, Ningbo and Rotterdam, as well as along the Scheldt river and Europe’s most busy inland waterway Waal.

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