Secure from the ground up

The military landscape is constantly changing, with battles being fought in all kinds of terrain and environments. The threats facing forces are also evolving, becoming more high tech than ever before. With Saab’s Mobile Short-Range Air Defence (MSHORAD) solution, forces have the capabilities to adapt and respond to these challenges quickly and effectively.

In the past, Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) focused on the detection of targets such as fighter jets, transport aircraft and armed helicopters.

But as technology progresses, so too do air threats, with modern-day targets now including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), drones and guided munitions.

“MSHORAD was created because there is a need to have something that is flexible, that is mobile, and can protect assets from different angles,” says Mat Pålsson, Head of Marketing and Sales for Surface Radar.

Creating a new line of defence

MSHORAD is a package solution that includes the Giraffe 1X radar integrated with C2, and the RBS 70 NG Remote Weapon System (RWS). The 3D short-range Giraffe 1X provides 360 degree surveillance coverage at a range of 75 km, generating data to a C2 command and control communication system for analysis and action coordination. With an effective intercept range of 9 km, the high-precision RBS 70 NG RWS ensures coverage from ground level up to 5 km, launching unjammable laser-guided missiles with a high hit probability.

Protecting units on the move

MSHORAD is designed to travel alongside manoeuvring units, offering constant protection and defence of a moving conflict zone. First, a vehicle with Giraffe 1X advances to a position at a distance behind the unit. The radar scans the entire search volume in one second, while the Multiple Hypothesis tracker locates the target. The radar can operate while the vehicle is moving, or when static and in position.

The C2 platform then analyses target data, identifying the threat and creating a local air picture to confirm the required action. C2’s Tactical Data Link transmits the information to RBS 70 NG RWS for interception.

Once data is received, the missiles are engaged in five seconds. RBS70 NG RWS features visual 3D cueing, an automatic target tracker and a thermal imager for precision aiming and fast target acquisition.

A complete package

MSHORAD is a complete turnkey solution, designed to complement existing defence by filling in the gaps in long-range radar coverage created by terrain obstacles. As a modular concept, each component can be easily installed onto any type of vehicle platform for deployment versatility, and can be dismounted for autonomous operation – enabling true mobility on the battlefield.

“No competitors can match the light weight and mobility of Giraffe 1X and the flexibility it provides,” says Mats Pålsson. “The ability to dismount the sensor, together with the C2 and missile system, gives forces an extremely portable MSHORAD solution. Saab is the only company that can provide that type of mobility.”