Constant protection for an entire nation

Situated just 6 km south of South Korea’s Demilitarized Zone, Saab’s Arthur weapon-locating system and the team that supports it are responsible for protecting an entire nation.

 The Republic of Korea’s army uses Arthur, Saab’s radar system for locating artillery. Saab’s employees are on-site to support the local military personnel.

Although an armistice officially ended the fighting between North and South Korea in 1953, the Korean peninsula is still in conflict. Separated by a 4 km wide band known as the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), the border is a mere 56 km away from South Korea’s capital, Seoul.

Since 2009, the Republic of Korea Army (ROKA) has protected the citizens of the South with Saab’s Arthur artillery-hunting radar system. This innovative weapon-locating system detects incoming enemy artillery and gives a 90-second warning time. This gives the army crucial time to react in order to protect the nation’s citizens. Arthur scans 90 degrees of the northern horizon at a speed of nanoseconds, and can pinpoint an object the size of a coin from a distance of 60 km. The system monitors target areas of interest across the border.


One of the members of Saab’s support team in Korea, James, says: “My mission as a local support team member is to be a bridge between Saab and our customers I want to help both sides at the same time.”

The Arthur system detects ballistic trajectories such as rockets, artillery and mortars. It has the ability to rapidly detect incoming artillery fire and can calculate the firing site and point of impact, enabling effective counter fire to take place within a few seconds.
Saab’s local support team works exclusively with the customer, the South Korean military, and provides maintenance support and training for the military personnel who operate the systems.

The local support team gets further support from a back-office team in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is responsible for maintaining and developing the product, as well as for any additional assistance requested by the local support team.

“On site, our main purpose is to find out what the customer’s needs are and to fulfil those needs,” James concludes. “Saab’s goal is to keep the systems working all the time. We can help both with repairs and consultation, 24/7.”

Product facts

Launched in 1999, Arthur is operational in twelve countries, among them Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Spain, Italy, Greece and the UK. The system has been proven in wartime service with the British forces in the second Gulf War in 2003 and served with British and other forces in operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, where it was used in 24/7 combat operations. Its recorded inherent availability is more than 99.9 per cent.

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