Five quick facts about remote tower services

Here we list five quick facts about remote tower services.


Five things you might now know about remote tower services:

  1. Örnsköldsvik and Sundsvall Timrå in Sweden are the first remotely controlled airports in the world. The remote air traffic control is approved by the Swedish Transport Agency according to the same regulations as conventional air traffic control.
  2. Remote tower services fulfil the same requirements as air traffic control in a conventional control tower. The same procedures apply, and the same measures will be taken if something happens.
  3. Remote tower services is a break-through in air traffic services and will give greater flexibility, enhanced security and reduced costs for all airports.
  4. Remote tower services is a means to realise better conditions for all regional airports.
  5. The digital technology enhances the image and makes the view even better than looking out through a window, especially in bad weather and in the hours of darkness. Warnings and digital information are presented directly on the screens and even very small objects can be followed by zooming on the screen.

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