I work at Saab: Karin Midestad, Material Group Manager

Karin Midestad

What do you work with?

As a material group manager, I work with tactical environment simulation; a type of computer generated force.It’s a bit like a computer game. We simulate any “unnatural” object that moves, which means creating everything from aeroplanes, to boats, cars, trucks, weapons and sensors.

Simulation technology is used, for example, in pilot training and to provide support with the mission planning.  

What inspires you?

The job is extremely varied, and since we’re constantly developing new technologies, I am always learning new things and constantly developing my skills.

I love the challenge of ensuring that the design and development work is aligned with the needs of our stakeholders.

In addition to working, I love practising yoga and running in the woodland around Linköping, where I live with my husband.

What is your advice to anyone considering a career at Saab?

It’s a fascinating environment where innovative high-tech products are developed. I am proud to be working with a team of skilled people in an organisation that offers a wealth of opportunities for training and career development.

I joined our business area Aeronautics, where we make the Gripen fighter, as a consultant in 2012. Joining a talent programme helped me to gain experience faster. Two years later, I took up a full-time staff position at Aeronautics. All it takes to succeed here is willpower and engagement.