When The Threat Comes From The Sea, Protection Comes From The Air

When seaborne trade and human activities in the coastal zone expand, then so do the threats. Piracy, smuggling, illegal fishing, oil pollution, illegal underwater activities and other criminal operations violating the borders – we all have a growing demand for superior maritime awareness to increase safety for our people.

The threats are complex, constantly changing, and vary from place to place. New threats put new demands on maritime security and protection resources, and force technology, manning and tactics to keep adapting.

“We have put all variables into the equation and with the Swordfish MPA (maritime patrol aircraft), we offer a sophisticated yet cost-efficient solution which uses the world’s latest, operational proven sensors wrapped in Saab’s very successful C4I mission management system. This is made possible by our vast experience and knowledge in product design and system integration, which reaches across all domains,” says Joakim Mevius, head of Saab business unit Airborne ISR.

Our Maritime Heritage

Sweden’s long coast lines, complicated littoral environment and dense archipelago put a difficult equation on the table when it comes to maritime domain awareness. It is a difficult arena and, without the right tools, the detection of unwanted visitors is complicated. You need the ability to carry out systematic maritime ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) over large areas and distances, with an effective platform that is able to communicate between all involved stakeholders.

It is a fact that today’s defence budgets are more and more limited. For many countries this puts new requirements into play when considering new products and systems. Swedish defence philosophy has always been about sustainable, cost-efficient, but high technology, solutions; Sweden has always had small budgets and high requirements. Over the last eight decades, Saab has developed and delivered many products that have contributed to a safer and more secure society within the air, land and sea domains. Commercial and fighter aircraft, torpedoes, radar and sensor systems, submarines and naval surface vessels are all in our portfolio. It is this level of know-how, together with our proven capability as a systems and weapons integrator, which underpins Saab’s track record as a company that delivers on its promises.

The Swordfish MPA System

Equipped with the market’s most capable and operationally proven sensor suite, the Swordfish MPA system gives any nation the tools to protect their territorial waters, coast lines and exclusive economic zones; as well as the ability to perform search and rescue operations including on-scene command and control. Carefully installed and integrated on an appropriate aircraft platform, this highly potent multi-role system will detect, track and identify modern submarines and other naval vessels.