At the forefront of new thinking

To see beyond the earth’s curvature, you need altitude, in order to achieve wide-area, long range coverage. Being that high up puts demands on your equipment. You need an ultra-long-range radar and ideally, an additional array of sensors to generate a comprehensive and accurate picture of the areas of interest. Saab’s is once again breaking the technology barrier within airborne early warning and control with GlobalEye.

You also want to be able to command and control any situation, stay aloft for long periods and have the flexibility to re-position. To lead the way for other assets operating closer to the target, to get actual eyes- and hands-on in a crisis.

You may also want the flexibility of a swing-role solution, to be able to operate seamlessly between air, maritime, and ground surveillance missions. Dynamically adapting to a change in the mission or an entirely new mission. 

Information is the key

The GlobalEye SRSS (Swing Role Surveillance System) solution contracted by the UAE represents the pinnacle of airborne surveillance and AEW&C solutions. Saab’s Erieye AEW&C solutions are in operation in eight countries, making it the one of the world’s most widely used AEW&C solutions.

Information is the key to any nation’s defence. To protect its people and society, armed forces need accurate, timely, reliable information about what is going on in the skies, at sea and along the borders that surround them. This complex and demanding task is made more difficult by the ever-changing landscape of threats and challenges. Defending against armed attack is one primary mission, but there are many others.

Terrorism, asymmetric threats, smuggling, piracy, illegal fishing and damage to natural resources all pose real threats to society, in peacetime as well as during times of conflict. These problems come in all shapes and sizes and can be difficult to spot. Hostile forces and terrorist groups can lurk in remote areas. They can move by air and sea using civilian traffic, through rough terrain, use camouflage techniques or sheer distance to conceal themselves. Each nation has its own slightly unique security challenges; some prioritise ensuring their economic interests by protecting resources such as shipping lanes and oil fields, others may be fear of armed conflict on their own or neighbouring soil.

Whatever your challenge is, decisions and actions need to be driven by information; only then is command and control possible. Airborne surveillance uniquely possesses speed, reach and the flexibility to provide that information across the air, land and sea. Saab is at the forefront of the modern AEW&C in the information age, with GlobalEye offering tri-domain coverage in an advanced, effective and affordable package.

Unique swing role capability

With GlobalEye, Saab has redefined the airborne surveillance market with a new level of multi-mission capability. GlobalEye combines the swing-role surveillance system with the surveillance capability normally incorporated in dedicated AEW&C, maritime surveillance and signal intelligence aircraft. It gives a unique operational and cost effective airborne surveillance and identification capacity that would traditionally require multiple aircraft. GlobalEye is capable of dedicated or simultaneous surveillance and command and control in the air, surface and ground domains. Not only does this reduce the need for dedicated surveillance resources but gives the commander outstanding flexibility.

GlobalEye’s sophisticated, high-performance AEW&C provides simultaneous, tri-domain long-range detection, tracking and surveillance, all from a single platform. It can track very low-observable air and sea targets, cruise missiles & submarine periscopes, even in heavy clutter and jamming environments.

GlobalEye can work alone or be easily integrated with other national assets. It cooperates with air, land and sea forces to extend their horizons and enhance their safety and effectiveness. GlobalEye is a true force multiplier providing information dominance and complete security across all domains. It enables Saab’s customers to stay ahead of whatever challenges the future may bring.