Meet Saab at Defexpo 2018


Defence and Security company Saab is proud to attend Defexpo 2018 being held at Tiruvidanthal in Kancheepuram district near Chennai between 11-14 April. Saab will be present with a wide portfolio of products and systems from the Air, Land, Sea and Civil Security domains.

Standing true to its commitment to team up with India for its defence and security requirements and development of indigenous defence industry, Saab will exhibit at Defexpo 2018 its world-class reliable technologies and capabilities. Saab has been partcipating in this biennial exhibition for land, naval and internal homeland security systems in the past and this year it will once again demonstrate how its advanced technology & innovative thinking pushes boundaries to break through the thought barrier.

The products and systems on display by Saab at Defexpo Hall 3, Stand 2.1A will include, among others, the RBS 70 NG VSHORAD; the BAMSE SRSAM; the RBS15 Mk3 surface-to-surface missile; the latest generation ground combat system Carl Gustaf M4 and AT4 with ammunitions, Electronic Warfare portfolio with IDAS; SOTAC & MCS camouflage systems; TAURUS long-range precision attack missiles; GlobalEye Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) systems; Giraffe 1X Ground Based Air Defence radars; super stealth A26 submarines; Visby corvettes; AUV62-MR mine countermeasure; and Gripen E. Additionally, Saab’s current collaborations with Indian partners will also be featured.

“Saab has been a trusted and reliable partner in India’s security goals for almost half a century. As a global independent defence and security company, we bring ready for tomorrow defence and security solutions customized for the varied needs of Indian armed forces. Today we reaffirm our commitment for a long term engagement with India through collaborations and true transfer of technology”, says Jan Widerstrom, Chairman and Managing Director, Saab India Technologies. “Saab is currently pursuing many individual opportunities to meet the requirements of the Indian defence forces, and we are confident about our prospects. Defexpo offers a great platform for carrying forward our discussions and further showcasing our technology to various stakeholders.”


Products & Systems on Display at Defexpo 2018

  1. Gripen E and Weapon systems. Gripen combines exceptional operational performance, highly advanced net-centric warfare, sensor fusion, unique BVR capability and cost efficiency with true transfer of technology and comprehensive industrial partnership.  Weapon Systems include the MBDA Meteor, the RBS 15 and Taurus. Also on display is Gripen Cockpit Simulator.

  2. Electronic Warfare & Early Warning Systems, including the Integrated Defensive Aids Suite (IDAS), a self-protection system specifically designed for use on airborne platforms. IDAS is fully integrated and requires only a single controller to perform radar warning, missile approach warning and laser warning. In India, IDAS is integrated on the ALH Dhruv.

  3. Giraffe 1X Short-Range 3D Radar Surveillance System that protects mobile forces and assets against airborne threats. The Giraffe 1X is an ideal air surveillance component in the VSHORAD domain and can be used as a gap-filler that provides airspace commanders with the capabilities needed for maintaining continuous and accurate air situational awareness.

  4. The truly multi-role Globaleye, which automatically detects and tracks air and surface targets over a huge area, and can track very low-observable air and sea targets, including ‘stealthy’ aircraft, cruise missiles or submarine periscopes, even in heavy clutter and jamming environments.

  5. Signature Management Systems. Saab’s portfolio includes Mobile Camouflage System, a tailor-made, multi-purpose system that enhances survivability and sustainability; and SOTACS, the Special Operations Tactical Suit with a camouflage system that allows stealth operations in hostile environments.

  6. Air Defence Systems. Saab’s RBS 70 NG VSHORAD system has been developed for the most demanding air defence combat situations. Its integrated sighting solution, enhanced missile operator aids and unjammable laser guidance combine to produce a system with world-leading capabilities. The BAMSE SRSAM system is an all-weather operational Automatic Command-to-Line-of-Sight missile system with unjammable missile guidance.

  7. Ground Combat Systems including the Carl Gustaf M4, a man-portable multi-role weapon system that provides high tactical flexibility through its wide range of ammunition types. It is extremely light (less than 7 KGs), and has an intelligent sight, improved ergonomics and reduced action time. The Carl Gustaf AT4, enhanced to deliver extended range (ER) performance and improved high explosive (HE) effects.

  8. Naval Missile Systems such as RBS 15 Mk3, The most modern surface-to surface missile system available. It is designed to operate in a diverse range of scenarios, from anti-ship engagement in blue waters and littorals to land attack missions.

  9. Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, AUV-62 MR, the modern choice for Mine Countermeasures (MCM) of today that can perform surveillance and reconnaissance of the underwater area immediately after deployment.

  10. A26, the world’s most modern submarine program by Saab. It offers silent long-endurance submerged performance and excellent maneuverability in all waters for a lethal super stealth performance.

  11. TAURUS KEPD, the platform independent long-range precision attack missiles delivering unparalleled combination of performance parameters: long range and intelligent flight behaviour, a devastating combination of warhead and fuze technology, plus an extremely accurate and highly redundant guidance system for pin-point attacks.