The development philosophy of Gripen – stay ahead

Nations have different challenges when it comes to national security, depending on geography, security situation, threats and the air force’s task. Therefore, Saab has developed different versions of Gripen – the Gripen C-series and Gripen E-series.

Though they are two different platforms, they will be able to benefit from one another in future development.
With Saab’s continuous development approach, customers stay ahead of the latest threats.

The Gripen design allows a constant upgrade of the system and to tailor solutions specifically for each customer’s needs.
Saab’s development philosophy differs from that of other aircraft manufacturers. Traditionally, aircraft operate for 10–15 years, before being upgraded to fly for another 10-15 years. But Gripen is different.

-With our continuous development, capabilities can be added to Gripen when the need arises. A mission-specific design creates limitations. With our model, customers can feel confident that they are part of a continuous development programme and have access to tailor-made solutions, says Jerker Ahlqvist, Head of Product Unit Gripen, Saab Business Area Aeronautics.