The smartphone of the battlefield

In today’s battlefield, it has become more prevalent than ever for a soldier to stay connected, up-to-date and to have complete situational awareness. When facing complex tasks in hostile environments, this can be a matter of life and death. The solution is a lightweight, rugged and easy to operate handheld unit, always connected to the battle management system. With such unit, a soldier can stay connected at all times and with full situational awareness right at the fingertips.

One-handed mode is crucial

You only have two hands and you need them in combat. This fact means that a handheld unit must not only be easy to operate, but also one hand operated. Saab’s Soldier sPAD system consists of two main parts: a rugged handheld pad and a connection hub allowing individual placement, peripheral connectivity and power support. Unlike a rugged computer, the sPAD is designed to be used with only one hand and is not much bigger than an iPhone. The symmetrical topmost layout of the buttons allows for one hand operation, left or right. Its rugged design is able to sustain the shocks and harsh environments in which soldiers often operate.

Pressure-sensitive touchscreen

The battlefield is not the right place for fine motorics. A computer screen must be able to accept rough input commands using only hands or other tools. The sPAD is fitted with a 3.7 inch pressure- sensitive touchscreen which can be operated with gloves, pens or any other item by putting pressure on the touch film. The full colour transflective display uses incoming light to enhance brightness and visibility and automatically changes the backlight to suit prevailing light conditions.

Total weight 800 g

Weight is an issue on the battlefield. Soldiers are already heavily burdened with necessary equipment and cannot be given greater loads than those already carried without becoming heavier and slower. Saab’s Soldier sPAD system has been developed in response to this precise problem and the pad alone weighs only 185 g – half of that of competitors’ equivalence. The total weight including interface hub, battery pack, cabling and pouches is only 800 g.

Operating temperature -30°C to +60°C

You never know what the conditions will be in the field and a soldier system is expected to remain functional, no matter what. The sPad system has been designed for use in tough military environments and is tailored to the harsh conditions that can be expected in such situations. Its operating temperature range is between Arctic cold -30°C and staggering desert hot +60°C. The storage temperature range is even greater.

16 hours of battery time

If you are connected you want to stay connected. This means that low power consumption is always of essence. All parts of the sPAD system are designed with low energy consumption in mind. The basic configuration includes a rechargeable or non-rechargeable battery which yields over 16 hours of operation. The sPAD is agnostic in a lot of aspects including power solutions. You can make use of your existing power solution, including infrastructure, as long as it is within 6-16 Voltage. The system also supports hotswap, allowing you to switch power source without having to restart it.