New surface treatment facilities at Karlskrona shipyard

A new surface treatment facility is coming to completion at the naval shipyard in Karlskrona, Sweden. It’s the latest major step in the upgrading of the production facility, combining blasting, painting and surface washing. The new facility has a multiple impact: on lead time, overall quality and energy as well as environmental impact. The capacity is heavily increased – while emissions are kept down.

Due to its size and upgraded machinery and processes, the new surface treatment hall gives the shipyard in Karlskrona a new dimension in terms of capacity. What used to take weeks is now achieved in days – with less environmental impact.
Another important factor taken into consideration during the construction phase are the employees.

“In all constructions we put an emphasis on creating a great working environment. This needs to be a safe workplace for everyone, whether you’re young or older, man or woman”, says Helena Lönegård, new head of Production at Saab Kockums.

“Also in terms of environmental impact we see a big step forward. Despite considerably larger production capacity we can minimise emission. A faster working pace means less energy spent”, Helena Lönegård concludes.


Quick facts on our new surface treatment facilities

The ship body is transported on multi-wheelers, capable of carrying objects up to 270 tons.

Blasting is primarily made by using steel grit, which is recycled, purified and re-used later on. Up to six operators can work on an object simultaneously

Painting is carried out by high pressure spraying. Through forced drying the production time is cut to a third. Details that used to take up to 7 working days is now achievable in 2.

Washing processes are being carried out in separate halls. All wastewater is being processed through separate tanks and re-used.