Saab provides Finland’s new Pohjanmaa corvettes with combat system

On 26 October Saab received an order to provide and integrate the combat system for the Finnish Navy’s new Pohjanmaa-class corvettes within the Squadron 2020 programme. Here is an overview of what this means.

On complex naval units such as Finland’s new corvettes, there are a lot of different systems from different suppliers attached, or integrated, to the combat management system.  Saab’s combat management system is called 9LV, and it works to connect all the other systems to make them work together. You could describe it as a technical hub that gets all surveillance sensors, all weapons and other assisting systems to work as one.
Saab will provide a wide range of systems and solutions for the  Pohjanmaa corvettes, including, as outlined here:
  • Trackfire Remote Weapon Station
  • TactiCall integrated communication system
  • Saab Lightweight Integrated Mast (SLIM)
  • Sea Giraffe 4A Fixed Face radar
  • Sea Giraffe 1X radar
  • Saab’s new lightweight torpedo
  • Ceros 200 radar and electro-optical director
  • Saab Naval Laser Warning System
Read the press release about the Squadron 2020 order here