Saab is bringing training beyond live

Saab is revolutionising military live training with new indirect fire solutions where traditional live is blended with traditional virtual training. At I/ITSEC 2019, visitors will get to experience Saab’s new training solutions.

Saab’s philosophy for its market-leading live training solutions has always been to deliver the most realistic combat experience possible, through high-fidelity technology and deeper training analysis. Adding indirect fire solutions, Saab is expanding its live training product range. These new solutions that combine geometric pairing and augmented reality with decentralised adjudication gives the fighters the most true-to-life training experiences possible.

“Going beyond traditional live training is really the next level of capability solutions. For the first time we have a non-line-of-sight capability, which means that our users will be able to hit targets that are hidden behind walls and other objects. Saab will also show a trainer demonstrator for the latest version of a “fire & observe” missile, a non-line of sight missile with the gunner in the loop. Using radio technology and GPS, we are able to reach this next level of simulation and mix virtual and live training.” says Hans Lindgren, Head of Business Development at Saab’s business unit Training & Simulation.

It’s all connected

At the training and simulation event I/ITSEC 2019 in Orlando, FL, USA, Saab is demonstrating its new Live Training offering which consists of a range of hardware, software and communication options that work together to provide a seamless and realistic battle experience. The exercise control (EXCON) is a suite of interoperable software tools designed to help the troops plan, execute, control and evaluate first-class military training exercises. All simulations, including the new indirect fire solutions, can be seen in real-time in EXCON. Using STE One World Terrain, terrain data from Vricon, all products have photo-realistic 3D maps.

The new HoloLens Sandbox, which brings the training exercise beyond the traditional experience. EXCON users can, with the help of Mixed Reality, expand and transform the training scenario into a real-time, 3D, holographic training environment that enables faster learning, better skill retention and more detailed exercise evaluation. It is an all-new and revolutionary way of collectively sharing the situational awareness between multiple users. “The Sandbox revitalises the after action review” says Hans Lindgren.

Saab will also introduce the  Outdoor Trainer (ODT) and Forward Observer (F.O), both part of the GAMER scenario, complementing the training with indirect fire capabilities such as artillery and mortar fire.All capabilities are plug and play compatible with the Saab GAMER training system in service worldwide.