Saabify your online meetings!

Tired of letting colleagues and business partners into your kitchen during video meetings? Let’s turn your home office into something extra! Have a look at these wallpaper moments! Download and use for Zoom chats, Google meets and Teams meetings.

Installing an image to adjust your background is easy. Once you’ve downloaded the image, just install it to use as video background image on your preferred choice of meeting app.

So, what’s on the table? Have a look and pick a background!


Take to the skies!

Inside the cockpit of a Gripen. Lean back and look cool. Download image.


What's more awesome than a Gripen? Two Gripens. Download image.


Armed to the teeth. Download image.


Let the Brazilian Gripen E keep you company. Download image.

Or stay at "home"

Gripen in the Saab Deployable Aircraft Maintenance facility. Download image.


In the field

Spend a day in the field. Here with the Carl-Gustaf in the foreground. Plus you, of course. Download image.


Like hiking and alone-time? The Barracuda camouflage net will take you of the grid. Download image.

Join the navy, here working the 9LV combat system, the brain of a modern battle ship. Download image.

Head out to sea

Two Visby class corvettes in full speed. Feeling the summer yet? Download image.


Need to go even faster? Here's Combat boat 90. Download image.


The newly upgraded HMS Gotland at sea. The most modern AIP submarine in the world. Download image.


 No, this is not a Transformer. Experience the feeling of 300 fathoms depth. Get the URF in your room. (1 fathom = 6 feet) Download image.

Take care of others

Here inside one of our field hospitals. Download image.


Become an air traffic manager

Turn your home into a remote tower central. Download image.


Or make our leading production facilities your home office - look impressive!

A Gotland-class submarine during a midlife upgrade - turning it into the most advanced AIP submarine in the world. Download image.


Inside the cutting room for Gripen planes. Download image.

Or why not a historic touch – always interesting

The B-17, first airplane buildt by Saab. Download image.


The J35 Draken. Download image.


Viggen takes off. Download image.


Saab 29 Tunnan. Download image.

Last but not least - the Saab flag. Download image.