From drawing boards to computers



26 April 2012

Designers created solutions and draughtsmen realised the designs they were assigned. Everything was drawn by hand, which placed heavy demands on the executor.

The picture above was taken in drafting room K1 in Linköping in the early 1950s, where the Lansen was designed. Today, however, each individual designer sits at a computer with an advanced CAD program. Greater focus on the technical solution is now possible – while the software brings it to life.

For the next generation of Gripen, Saab has chosen to completely abandon two-dimensional drawings in favour of entirely 3D-based documentation. The aim is to streamline the entire product life cycle by simplifying documentation management and to increase understanding of how product requirements must be realised.

The way in which the documentation for the Gripen NG is being produced is based on experience and makes Saab a world-class player.