J-29 Tunnan in UN service

The first time Sweden participated in an airborne UN mission was in the 1960s during the Congo Crisis.The Swedish unit consisted of five Saab Tunnan J 29 and was initially not involved in any battles. The main task was to protect the UN’s air transport and, if necessary, provide fire support.

In late 1961, the UN-flight operation was given mission orders and in a series of operations the unit practically achieved air superiority.

After a year of relative calm, things suddenly flared up once again. The Swedish unit alone now accounted for the UN mission’s entire aerial support requirement and it was understood that this would not be sufficient. A further four Saab Tunnan J 29Bs and two Saab Tunnan S 29C reconnaissance aircraft were added to the force. 

The UN squadron was disbanded in April 1963 and the last remaining Swedes returned home during the year. One J 29B with UN markings from the operations in the Congo is preserved at the Air Force Museum in Linköping, Sweden.