Develop Leaders and Employees

Only by attracting and developing the top talents can we retain our 
position on the forefront of technology and at the same time continuously
increase our performance. We offer excellent opportunities for individuals
to grow within the Group, both nationally and internationally.

Saab offers various forms of skills and leadership training. Some training is mandatory for all employees and is provided flexibly and cost efficiently through e-training. We also promote learning in the form of networks and mentorships.

We use a well-developed talent management process where young talents are identified before they have attained leadership positions. Those employees who are selected as high potentials are given development plans to further improve their skills and contributions to Saab. We also offer a number of development programmes that prepare leaders for global business. Recent graduates or those just starting out in their career can apply to our trainee programme, Saab Graduate Leadership Programme
(SGLP), while programmes such as FEM and TIO, which are conducted together with other large international companies, offer senior leaders training on professionally managing complex businesses.


To succeed we have to be more efficient

It will be a challenge in coming years to deliver on a number of critical projects and will require further efficiency improvements. One example is the goal  to significantly shorten the lead time to deliver a world-class submarine. This is imperative if we are
going to meet our customers’ demands and increase profitability.

A smarter business

A number of changes were implemented during  the year within the framework of the Functional Transformation project to further increase efficiency. The aim is to improve performance management as well as increase transparency and clarity on what is
needed to succeed. Group-level functions have to deliver more effectively, working methods have to  be digitised and coordinated, and tools have to be standardised. Saab simply has to work smarter.

Every employee has a responsibility to be more efficient in what they do. In the next three years, this will lead to reduced costs and smarter solutions at the same time that revenue increases.


In Sustainability fact book you can read about how Saab works with the issue, targets, results and planned activities.


Sustainability fact book 2017


Sustainability fact book 2017 (Swedish)