Engaged Employees

Employee engagement is critical to Saab’s ability to achieve its business goals. Employees who feel proud and engaged in their work and the company perform better and are good ambassadors for Saab as an employer.

Among the things that employees are proud of are Saab’s technology and diverse offering, as well as a corporate culture that helps them achieve a work-life balance.

Ambassadors for Saab

Proud employees are also the best ambassadors for Saab as an employer. Our future competitiveness depends on how well we succeed in attracting top talents. Saab encourages primary and secondary students to pursue a higher education by showing them the opportunities available in research,technology, engineering and mathematics. At the university level, the focus is on positioning Saab as an employer of choice. An annual summer job programme for around 400 interns, 150 master’s students, school visits, study visits and career fairs are examples of how we engage with young people.