Health and Safety

Health, security and well-being are important to Saab. We therefore focus on early identification and mitigation of occupational health and safety risks. A global process to support proactive risk  management in this area is under development.

To address early on the risks that may be associated with various deals and projects in high-risk environ-
ments, occupational health and safety is built into our business processes.Saab has a global occupational health and safety policy that gives direction to Saab’s occupational health and safety work. This underscore the responsibility that every employee shares to actively contribute to a safe and healthy work environment and have been translated into several languages.


The ability to perform well on the job requires a work-life balance. Surveys show that this is an important factor in how young people today choose where to work. An overwhelming majority of employees at Saab feel that the company has a  positive attitude to the need to balance work with a personal life.