Saab’s Technical High School

Saab’s Technical High School in Arboga is a national three-year pre-university technology programme. It is collaboration between Vasagymnasiet in the municipality of Arboga and Saab’s units in the local area.

The course focuses on some of Saab’s most renowned technological fields: aeronautics, surveillance, communication/management, logistics and security in which Saab’s personnel work as teachers, mentors and training administrators. Saab is also responsible for all field trips, exchange courses abroad as well as paid internships and summer jobs. The combination of theory and practice makes the course especially valuable. The first group of students graduated in June 2012. 

Some of the students

Sebastian Andersson  

"It has been great fun. The class gelled very quickly. I can honestly recommend this programme for others. I will personally be continuing my studies in the autumn. I want to get an engineering degree." 


Kelly Kucska

"It has been three great years. It has gone far too quickly. The mixture has been the best thing – combining regular studies with getting out and seeing the business operations. I will be working at Saab in Arboga this summer. I am moving to Västerås in the autumn to study for an energy systems engineering degree."