Business partners

Saab’s business partners have a key role in the company’s success. The relationships are built on mutual respect, but at the same time it is important for us to manage the risks that may arise through our partners.

We could not realise all of our achievements and continue our success without our business partners. At the same time we recognise that business partners may pose a legal and reputational risk if not managed correctly. Therefore we divide our business partners into four categories based on risk, with each category being subject to specific corruption risk management procedures. If a business partner falls into more than one category then it is managed in accordance with the corruption risk management process for the highest risk category.

Category 1 is made up of business partners that are retained to market, promote or sell Saab’s products and services or to provide strategic advice. This includes for example market consultants, agents, lobbyists, strategic advisers, resellers and distributors. The appointment and management of these business partners follows a centralised and mandatory process which serves to (i) assess the business partner’s credentials and suitability for the assignment through due diligence and background controls, (ii) bind the business partner to Saab’s anti-bribery and compliance expectations through appropriate contractual commitments, and (iii) follow-up and control the business partner’s performance and conduct.

Category 2 includes prime contractors, offset suppliers and teaming partners. Business partners in this category are subject to a pre-defined process with detailed requirements concerning due diligence, corruption risk assessment, anti-bribery and corruption commitments and ongoing monitoring. The process is supported by specific tools developed by our central compliance expertise.

Category 3 is made up of incorporated joint ventures. The assessment of joint venture partners and the governance and management of joint ventures follow our M&A-process. We are mindful that joint ventures are not used to circumvent the strict anti-bribery and corruption standards applied elsewhere in our operations.

Category 4 consists of all business partners that are not referred to Category 1, 2 or 3. Business partners in Category 4 are risk assessed as part of ordinary operations.

A common objective for the corruption risk management of all business partner categories is the identification and proper management of red flags. Training and tools are made available to help employees identify red flags and understand when to look out for them.