Sponsorships and social engagements

Saab engages in sponsorship and social engagements in order to strengthen its brand, relationships, trust, and recruitment.

There is a group-wide policy with supporting guidelines to ensure that sponsorships and social engagements are properly managed in all parts of Saab’s operations. All engagements must comply with Saab’s Code of Conduct and applicable laws and regulations, and be documented in written agreements.

Particular attention is given to ensure that sponsorships and social engagements cannot be mistaken for an attempt to corruptly secure business, are made in the interest of the company and do not involve activities that can be considered unethical.

Sponsorships or social engagement involving public entities or political activities must be pre-approved by the Ethics and Compliance Board.

Group Communication keeps a record of all sponsorships and social engagements and annually reviews and evaluates their total effect on the Saab brand.