EXAMENSARBETE-Analytical tool for electro-mechanical actuators for Primary and Secondary Flight Control Systems

Lediga 09 oktober 2018

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What you will be a part of

You will be a part of Development and Industrialization, a unit within Control and Actuation at Avionics Systems in Huskvarna. This unit consist of approximately 15 co-workers spanning from Project managers to System engineers. Control and Actuation develops systems that typically consist of a controller and set of actuators. These systems are used to operate control surfaces and doors within different aerospace applications

Your role

When designing electro-mechanical actuators for a primary or secondary flight control system one must take into account a lot of parameters that affect each other in various ways. It is often a time-consuming job to find the most optimal choice of architecture. Parameters such as temperature, load, performance and bandwidth to mention a few.

To enhance our ability to characterize a full EMA system early in the design process an analytical tool should be developed. This tool should serve as a function for input parameters such as motor length, gear ratio, ball-screw flight profile and more. As output the tool should provide the designer with a characterization of the system with parameters such as bandwidth, thermal behavior, lifetime and more.

The thesis student should characterize the parts of the system, identify important parameters and create an analytical tool. This tool should include:

  • Input parameters (motor length, thermal constant, flight profile, sensor types and more)
  • Output parameters that characterize the EMA (frequency response plot, thermal behaviour, weight, and more)

If time permit, additional functionality should be added such as:

  • Develop a generic Matlab/Simulink model that import parameters from the analytical tool and runs a simulation based on the design parameters chosen in the analytical tool.
  • Include more motor types (electric) and inverter stage characteristics, and more

Your skills and experience

You are at the end of your technical education probably in Electrical Engineering, Built-in Systems and will begin your 30hp thesis.
Number of participants: 1-2 persons.
30 hp(20 weeks).

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