Master thesis: Power System-on-Chip for future airborne sensor systems

Lediga 15 oktober 2018

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What you will be a part of

Surveillance provides efficient solutions for safety and security, for surveillance and decision support, and for threat detection and protection. The portfolio covers airborne, ground-based and naval radar, electronic warfare, combat systems and C4I solutions, and traffic management systems.

Business unit Airborne Surveillance Systems has business responsibility for all airborne radar systems, including Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C), CARABAS, GRIPEN radar and Surveillance's operations within datalinks and laser. 

The Microwave and Antenna Design section within the Engineering department is design responsible for the analogue high frequency parts of our products including antenna elements, PBAs, modules, integrated circuits etc. Microwave and Antenna Design is also the hub of high frequency design, serving all other business units with resources and knowledge in the field of microwave and antennas. The section consists of around 45 employees in Gothenburg.

Your role

Size, weight, and power consumption are key parameters to keep as low as possible for high performing airborne sensors. One enabler to achieve this is to increase the level of integration of the electronics. The digital parts of the sensor has long been the driving force in integration, and lately, with the introduction of GaN, the microwave components can now be realized as integrated multi-functional chips. However, the power converters are still bulky components and are a limiting factor in the continued drive to reduce size and weight. With the introduction of GaN also for power switch transistors, it is foreseen that fast switching, small, lightweight, and energy efficient power converters will be possible. The overall aim of the activity is to reduce the size of a power converter to enable a power system-on-chip by increasing the level of integration. This has already been proven in the microwave industry, and a similar future is foreseen for GaN based power Electronics. 

The project is suitable for two students that work in parallel, preferably one with a background in electric power engineering, and one with a background in microwave electronics. One part of the work will be design of an on-chip highly efficient buck converter, and another part will be to analyze the electro-magnetic environment on-chip to find suitable solutions for the passive components. Beside the circuit design and EM simulation, an investigation of the optimum switching frequency for a power system-on-chip is needed. 

The work will be done in collaboration between Saab AB, Microwave Electronics Laboratory at Chalmers (in-house GaN technology), and Electric Power Engineering group at Chalmers. Furthermore, this work is carried out within the framework of the C3NiT center ( ) on advanced III-Nitride materials for future microwave as well as power electronic Components.

Your skills and experience

You have a background in electrical engineering or engineering physics, with a specialization in microwave or electric power engineering.

The position entails working with classified information. Therefore, you are required to participate in and pass a security test conducted by authority.

Saab is a global defence and security company operating in the fields of air, land and naval defence, civil security and commercial aeronautics. We number 15,500 employees and have operations on all continents. Technologically we are leaders in many areas, and one-fifth of our earnings are spent on research and development.

Saab is also a company with opportunities. A company where we see diversity as an asset and where you have both considerable responsibility and good opportunities for advancing in your career. But also a company that respects each person’s needs for a rewarding life beyond work.

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