Åke Svensson to be Manager of Business Area Future Products & Technology

Åke Svensson has been appointed Manager of Business Area Future Products &
Technology with effect from 1 November. Previously, he was Project Manager for
the RBS15 Mk3 anti-ship missile at Saab Dynamics.

Åke Svensson came to Saab in 1976 as a test engineer in the Missiles and
Electronics sector, where he took part in testing the RBS15 system. He was
later responsible for the development of measuring systems for the Strix
mortar projectile and other products. In 1988, he was appointed manager of the
Systems Integration Office and since 1994 he has led further development of
the RBS15 for the export market. His theoretical background is the Applied
Physics and Electrical Engineering Department of Linköping Institute of

Business Area Future Products & Technology carries on advanced research and
development. The unit creates the platform for Saab's future product programs.

"It is a great responsibility and an exciting challenge to take up this post,"
comments Åke Svensson. The Business Area has 350 employees and plays a very
important part both in further development of the Gripen for Sweden and the
export market, and also in ensuring a prominent role for Saab in international
collaboration and the products that will follow the Gripen."

Åke Svensson succeeds Dan Jangblad, who has been appointed President of the
Swedish Space Corporation from 1 July.

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Anna Bowall, tel +46 13 187156
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